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We’re Your Patio Pavers in Utah County It’s another hot summer day, and as you look at your back yard, you can't help thinking how great it would be to have a real patio—along with a real patio umbrella over the table. You can almost taste the pink lemonade as you imagine the scene. Fortunately, it's easy to make this dream a reality. Our Utah County pavers at Tipton Landscaping transform lawns all over Utah from dusty patches of grass into designer backyard patios. Experience a New, Beautiful Backyard Patio In Utah’s arid climate, most yards are rarely as green and lush as we’d like them to be. Instead of wasting water and fighting a losing battle, give your backyard a patio makeover this summer. Your patio’s new-and-improved look starts with a free consultation. Send us photos of your backyard or invite us over to review the space thoroughly. Once you've established your design plan, we’ll provide you with a free estimate. You'll be amazed at how our high-quality Belgard pavers improve any space. They replace a drab backyard with colorful stone or concrete slabs. Tipton Landscaping can create virtually any design and offer you a custom look with precast slabs. We also offer customized benches, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. Depending on the ambience you want in your backyard, you can also choose features like water fountains, bridges, walkways, or a covered bar area. We can rim your pool area with our custom patio pavers or install a section over any area you choose. The details are up to you. We offer a five-year warranty on installation and a lifetime warranty on paver products. Call Us to Schedule Your Free Estimate Tipton Landscaping has been growing Utah’s backyards for nearly 10 years. We offer complete landscape design services, including pavers, walkways, bridges, water foundations, and outdoor lighting. When you want to redo your backyard patio, choose experienced, reliable, and local experts. Rely on Tipton Landscaping, your patio and concrete pavers in Utah County, for your new backyard patio. Call us today at (801) 489-5100 for your free estimate.  

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