Concrete Stamping From Tipton Landscaping in Utah

Concrete stamping is a fun and creative way of adding your own personal touch to your home and landscaping. We at Tipton Landscaping are experienced in the concrete stamping process, and so can help you with all your design ideas through our great concrete stamping services. Concrete stamping is an affordable yet decorative way of helping improve the design and beauty of your landscaping. Stamped concrete can be made to look like a number of other materials—such as brick, stone, wood, or tile. This is made possible by coloring the concrete a certain color and then “stamping” the concrete with a certain pattern or texture that resemblances a certain material or design. Although great to apply to basic household parts such as driveways and patios, you can up the design with specific patterns and designs that are not only functional, but elegant and attractive as well. Tipton Landscaping will work closely with you as we help you dream up your design and then make it reality. Add a touch of style to your swimming pool floor and area or even to a floor inside your home with various stunning and elegant designs. Concrete stamping goes through a very straightforward process of three steps: adding the base color, adding the accent color, and then stamping the concrete with the design of choice. The base color is meant to represent the natural color of the material being mimicked. The accent color adds texture and can show off additional represented materials. Finally, through the stamping process, the concrete takes on the appearance of the design and color of the material that is being imitated. Get the backyard you’ve always wanted with stamped concrete. You will be delighted and amazed at the stunning final product. Tipton Landscaping wants to help you have the best landscaping for your house, so count on us to do a job well done.

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